Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Episode 71: A Small Miracle!

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone is doing great back at home.

Romario is officially ready for baptism. He passed his interview and all is ready for his baptism on Saturday. We have another young man that we are preparing for baptism named Duvan, and he is such a rock star. My companion started teaching him the week before I got here and he has already attended church 4 times. He is really excited about the church and frequently asks us about when he will be baptized. We are trying to prepare him for February 25, which gives us about 2 weeks to finish the lessons with him.

I'll be honest with you guys, it's been a little bit difficult adapting to this new area. All of my previous areas have been in neighborhoods that weren't very economically successful, so there were always plenty of people to teach. This area is a lot better off, and the people aren't quite as humble or willing to listen to us, so it has been difficult to find new investigators to begin teaching. We have been knocking a lot of doors with little success, but on Friday we were able to see a small miracle. We were knocking doors all morning without success, and then we talked to a man watching tv in his house. When we started to talk, he went immediately to the door to let us in, so part of me thought that he was going to contend with us and so that was a little scary. But everything turned out great, we were able to talk to the man and his wife about the Restoration and they agreed to continue listening to us. And they even gave us a glass of soda!! And even if they don't progress, it was still a great experience to see that some people will give us the time of day sometimes.

Thanks for all of your help. Have a great week.

Elder Parker

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