Monday, July 17, 2017

Episode 94: A Week Full of Miracles!

Hey everybody,

Well to start out, I want to thank everybody for their birthday messages. It means so much to me to have all your support.

Things are going insanely well here. This week has been full of miracles. First off, Marilyn was able to receive her and Londar's birth certificates and we were able to turn them in to the notary. They are going to be married on July 28th so we are super excited. Londar presented us with one of his cousins and he has been able to attend church as well and is enjoying it. Viviana has also been progressing a ton and she is bringing two of her nieces to the church activities as well. We also started working with the brother of the young men's president and now he is attending seminary and all the other ward activities. All in all we have a bunch of people who are progressing so we are thrilled out of our minds.

Well, about the progress on the temple. Here is the image that the office sent us.

Inline image 1
Barranquilla Colombia Temple in progress

Everything else is going great. We've got a lot to do so we have been keeping ourselves busy. 

Have a great week and I'll talk to you guys later.

Elder Parker

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Episode 93: Getting Baptized in the Future!

Hey everybody,

Well, I'm stuck writing again on Tuesday because yesterday we had a huge rainstorm and all the power went out in the town. 

But everything has been going great here. We have been working a lot with Viviana and she is progressing well. We invited her to a ward activity that we had and she loved it. She has been reading all of the assignments that we have been leaving for her as well. We challenged her to be baptized on September 30th and she was a little unsure of the date but says that she would like to be baptized in the future so we are happy with that.

We also have been able to start working with a few youth that came to church on Sunday. They are siblings of our branch's young men's president and we talked with the oldest who is 17 years old and he seems to be really enjoying the church as well.

As for the friends of Erick, we still haven't been able to do anything with him yet because the schedule for the students who are in their last year of schooling is terrible so he basically doesn't have any free time, but he has been able to help us in our visits with Viviana so we're still really thrilled with his support.

Healthwise I've been doing pretty well. I've had a cough this week but it hasn't been bothering me too much so I haven't paid too much attention. There are a lot of people right now who are sick with the flu so I've been carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer with me wherever I go.

And well, that's about it. It's been pretty sunny here if you could imagine. But all is going great.

Have a great week and I'll be talking to you guys more in the future.

Elder Parker

Monday, July 10, 2017

Episode 92: Sharing the Gospel With the Youth!

Hey everybody,

Well yesterday we had transfers and me and my companion will continue together. Yesterday was also a holiday here in Colombia so there was no way for us to write. But things are going very well here. This past week we have been working like crazy visiting the members of the branch to try to activate a few of them and to keep the rest excited and motivated in the church. It has been great and the members have really been treating us with a little bit more respect because they see that we are working.

About our work with the youth, this past week we went to visit a youth named Erick and we told him about our goal to be able to help him to share the gospel with his friends and he told us that he already has a list of friends ready that he wants to introduce us to. We were just really excited and so this Friday he is going to help us to meet his list of friends. 

We were also able to find a new investigator on Saturday named Viviana and we invited her to church on Sunday and she got there on her own. We were so surprised when we saw her but also really happy.

Well, all in all we are very happy with everything that is going on right now and can't wait to see what happens in the future.

I hope everybody has a great week and we'll be talking again soon.

Elder Parker