Monday, July 24, 2017

Episode 95: Finding New Investigators!

Hey everybody,

Things are going great here. This past week has been really great. We have been able to find several new investigators who have a lot of potential to progress. One of them is a sister named Vicky. We talked with her in a bakery next to our house and she told us that the missionaries had visited her a few years back and she invited us to her house. We went this past week and invited her and her two daughters to church, and she attended with the eldest daughter. It was amazing to see her there and yesterday in the afternoon we had another lesson with her and she is very excited about the church.

Well, all of our other investigators are doing great as well. This week Londar and Marylin are going to get married so we are really excited for that. Duvan, the brother of the YM president, is also progressing really well and is getting excited for his baptism.

I'm going to send a few photos as well from our activities this week.

Have a great week and talk to you guys soon.

Elder Parker

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