Monday, March 6, 2017

Episode 75:Everything's Great in Cartagena!

Hey everybody,

I'm glad everything is going great back home. So we had transfers and I am still in the same area with the same companion. He is going to complete 6 months in this area this transfer so I imagine that he will be going before I do.

Everything is going great with Duvan and his family. We haven't been able to talk with his dad so nothing has changed there but we are trying to get Duvan ready to receive the priesthood. 

Nataly is doing well too. We are trying to get her ready for an interview this Saturday

This week we didn't have any luck finding new investigators almost all week. We were able to find a ton of new parts of our area that haven't been worked very much, but nobody wanted to receive us. But yesterday everything changed. All of the people that we contacted received us and a few were even really interested in the message and said that we could return to continue sharing. It was so great that all of our efforts during the week paid off in the end.

Everything was normal with the Carnavales because they only occurred in Barranquilla, not here in Cartagena. But I heard that we will be having another celebration in April when they have the beauty pageant for the Queen of Cartagena. I'm not sure if anything will happen for us or not.

Have a great week.

Elder Parker
Duvan's baptism

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