Friday, May 5, 2017

Episode 83:Baptism Date Set!

Hey everybody,

Things have been going very well here in Colombia. This last week has been a little bit difficult because we have had several rainy days that didn't let us get out to work as much as I would have liked but aside from that all is well. Jhon and his mom are still progressing very well. They are attending church every week and have been able to know several people in the ward. They are currently preparing to be baptized on June 3rd.

Right now we don't have very many fixed investigators, but yesterday several of the members had invited friends or family to attend church so we will try to contact these people during the week to help them to learn more. 

On Saturday I had a really weird experience. We had been invited to the baptism of a girl who was being baptized in the ward, and we decided to attend and to invite investigators. But the weirdest part was that when they were doing the confirmation, they invited me to participate. It was really strange, because I'd never before participated in a convert confirmation, much less of a ward baptism. But it was a great experience and I really felt very grateful to these members.

About the phone call, I honestly haven't been thinking about a specific time to do it. We will probably be using the computer of the bishop so I will try to talk to him this week to arrange a time to call, but I imagine it will be in the afternoon.

Have a great week,

Elder Parker


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