Monday, May 15, 2017

Episode 85: Testimony of the Priesthood!

Hey everybody,

It was so great to talk with you guys on Saturday. And again, Happy Mother's Day to mom, Mary, Sarah and Aubree.

Speaking of Mother's Day, there isn't much that happens here by way of celebration. From the worldly aspect the focus is more or less in taking a day to relax and spend time with the mothers. But one of the things that made me a little sad is that there was very little attention paid in the church. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the talks yesterday, but I always enjoyed the special messages that were shared about mothers back home in our ward, and would like to see that tradition carried on in other places.

Our investigators are doing well. Jhon and Maria are still progressing, but unfortunately Jhon changed his college schedule so this past week we haven't been able to visit them. And the other sister that we had found, Eli, was travelling so she wasn't able to attend church either. But we have been working a lot in our efforts to find new investigators, and this week we have found several who may be able to progress.

Well, this week we have been putting a focus in our studies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and with that the importance to invite every person to come to Christ and be baptized. In our efforts to make these invitations, I have been strengthened in my testimony of the Priesthood, because it is what makes our baptism valid and even necessary. I know that if this power was not on the earth, the Lord's atonement wouldn't have nearly the same impact as it has today; all because the church has been restored through Joseph Smith. What a great message to share!

I love you all so much and hope that you are well.

Elder Parker

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