Monday, June 12, 2017

Episode 89: Surprise Transfer!

Hey everybody,

Well, today we had a surprise transfer and so my companion left and now I am with a new companion. His name is Elder Choez and he has been in the mission for 9 weeks. He seems to be a great person and a very good missionary so I am looking forward to working with him for a few weeks.

As for our investigators, Londar and Marilyn are going to get married June 24th. Yesterday we had a very direct discussion with them and the branch president was with us too in order to help them decide to get married this month instead of waiting until the next. They still aren't sure about getting baptized yet but we are focusing more on their marriage and then we will work on their baptism.

Unfortunately the rest of our investigators are not doing so well. We have had to say goodbye to several because they haven't been completing their commitments but we have found several new investigators that we hope will progress here in the future. 

Unfortunately this week really hasn't been that interesting really. This week I am going to try to use family history to find new people to teach so we'll see how that goes.

Have a great week back at home,

Elder Parker

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