Monday, October 26, 2015

Episode 10: Stomach Problems!

Hey Everybody,

Everything is going pretty good here. I'm not gonna lie, it's honestly pretty tough, but I know that there is nowhere better to be than here. 

I can't believe it's already Halloween. Because I'm not in school, in terms of months it feels like it has just been a really long September. But that's awesome to hear about how excited the kiddos are for Trick-or-treating. Halloween is a thing here, but I'm not sure how big it is. No body has any decorations up but all of the big stores have Halloween costumes for sale.

That stinks that everyone has been sick. I've had some stomach problems the past few weeks that the doctors think is some kind of infection, but it's starting to go away so that's good.

About the mission, we have been getting a lot of work done this week. We have had a lot of weird days due to exchanges and a zone conference, but we still made a lot of progress. We're trying to have a baptism this week for one of our investigators named Edwin, who has already attended quite a few times and has received all of the lessons, but his father really doesn't like the church and won't give permission to his son. We are trying to work things out with his dad but so far nothing has worked. (Dad, has anything like this happened in our mission in the past? If so, how did they get permission?)

This Sunday was very exciting because I had the opportunity to give my very first talk in Sacrament Meeting. The best part was that I got my prompt about 5 minutes before the meeting started. It seemed rough at first but when it came time to give the talk I felt super calm and everything was good. It's tough though because here no one really comes up to you after talks and congratulates you or anything, so I was kinda worried about that yesterday afternoon, but one of the new converts congratulated me later on in the evening and that was super cool. If you guys could just thank the ward for being so supportive of me throughout the years with my talks, I would greatly appreciate it. I always took for granted how great our ward is.

The work with the members here is a little rough. We are trying our hardest, but they just really aren't that open to giving references. We did have a great training from the Assistents in our mission about references and we are going to try this week to see if we might have a little bit more success.

Thank you for all of your prayers and everything. I feel so much support in everything I do and I know it's all because of you guys.

See you soon,

Elder Parker
Valledupar zone after soccer.

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