Monday, August 22, 2016

Episode 50: Super, Great Investigator!

Hey everybody,

How is everyone doing? This week has been pretty uninteresting, just a lot of contacting in the streets. It's been interesting because we have been getting rejected a lot and it's sad to have that happen but we just continue talking and eventually we are able to find the people prepared to receive the gospel.

So this week we were able to find this super great investigator named Robinson. He was investigating the church a while back but the missionaries stopped visiting him for some reason. But we had a great lesson a few days ago and yesterday, he attended church!!! It was so great to see him there and he is super excited, but needs to get married before he can be baptized.

So I was able to take a few photos of the house today. It's not much, but it does have air conditioning in the bedroom. I am really enjoying the area and the people here. 

I hope everything is great at home. Talk to you more next week.

See you guys soon,

Elder Parker

PS the photos are not working with this computer so I will try to send them next week, sorry

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