Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Episode 56: Loving Life!

Hey everybody,

How is everything going in the USA? Things have been really good here. My stomach has been feeling a lot better and my cold went away too so everything is great. The only problem now is that for the first time in my mission I got a sunburn during our p-day activity today. We were playing games as a zone outside of the chapel and I burned my arms and legs. But everything is fine.

So this week we are really excited because we will have a baptism this next Saturday. It is a young man named Jhony (pronounced like Johnny) and he is a stellar kid. We have been working with him since my 2nd week on this side of the ward and he is super excited and firm in the church.

So conference was really great. I especially liked the talk from Elder Holland because it was perfect for a priesthood lesson here, but the problem is that only about 5 priesthood holders were in that session. 

Haha I recognize Sara Djafri from school but I never talked to her. I hope that everything is going well for her family because that must be really rough saying goodbye to a grandfather. But how great that the gospel is the perfect fix for that challenge.

Things are great here. Loving life but I gotta go. Have a great week and see you later.

Elder Parker

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