Monday, October 24, 2016

Episode 59: Feeling under the weather!

Hey everybody,

Things are going well here. These past few days I have been a little under the weather, (Colombia has a new virus that gets everybody sick about every month). Today has been the worst with pain in my arms and legs, other symptoms of the flu, etc. but my companion was also sick at the beginning of the week and he has been getting a lot better. 

The weather here has been a consistent high with occasional rainstorms. The interesting thing with the rain here is that it only will rain for about an hour, but it rains hard. Our mission president actually won't let us leave in the rain because it is very dangerous with the rain.

Things are going great with our part member family. Milagro, the mom, and Valeria, the daughter, were both able to attend stake conference yesterday and really enjoyed it. It's sad to think that I might be going to a new ward tomorrow and miss their baptism, but I'm just glad that Valeria is really excited and plans to be baptized in the future.

I hope everything goes great for the trunk or treat. Here Halloween really doesn't receive very much attention but that's okay because that would just be a nightmare trying to teach with little kids passing every 5 seconds. It will be interesting to have the next halloween back at home, but that still doesn't really matter much.

Have a great week,

Elder Parker

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