Monday, January 16, 2017

Episode 68: Things are great in Arjona!

Hey everybody,

Well everything is going great here in Arjona. I am not sure yet but am about 99% positive that I will be leaving Arjona because my companion was assigned to be the new district leader here. It will be interesting to only pass 3 months in an area and I am a little sad but we'll see what happens.

So this week everything has been going great. On Thursday we had to go to Cartagena for a medical appt. for my companion and I was able to take out the money that day so everything is good there. I still haven't bought anything yet but will have to buy some new running shoes because the ones I brought from home broke while playing soccer.

Everything is going great with the piano too. I have been playing every week in sacrament meeting and the bishop even asked me to help arrange a choir for ward conference next month. It sure will be difficult if next month I am not here in Arjona, but I still don't know anything for sure.

About the new schedule, I really do appreciate the added time on Monday, especially because we are really far away from any type of malls or shops here in Arjona. Today we lost about 2 hours in bus going to and from Cartagena to eat lunch in McDonalds, so you can only imagine how little time there would have been with 3 hours of studying too. But things are going great and I am very excited for this next transfer.

Have a great week and I'll talk to you later.

Elder Parker

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