Monday, November 23, 2015

Episode 14: Piano Fiasco!

Hey Everybody,

Wow, things sound like they are going great back home. I can't wait to see you guys in a month and talk face to face. I can't believe all of the crazy stories that I am hearing about the kids. They are just so crazy. But they sound like they are having a blast so that is super great. 

So far, the whole piano situation has been kind of a nightmare. We were supposed to have a class on Thursday, but I found out the night before that I would have interviews with the Mission President that day so I couldn't do class this week. This week was also Stake Conference, so I had the opportunity to play for a special session with just the missionaries and for the Adult Session. I was asked to play for the regular session too, but I had to help with the bus that goes around and picks up the people that live really far away from the building, and the bus came really late so I was late for the meeting. I literally feel terrible because the mission president was there and a member of the Seventy, but it really wasn't my fault so I just have to live with it.

As for German, the investigator who is getting baptized, we talked to the Mission President about what we should do and he said that if the Bishop is okay with us baptizing a 13 year old then we can totally do it. And we talked to the Bishop and he said that he can be baptized when he has attended church 10 times, so he has 3 more times that he has to attend. It's going to be pretty great though because we are trying to do it on the day of the ward Christmas dinner so that everybody will already be at the church building to show support. And we are going to try to baptize his mom too that same day so that would be awesome.

Dad, thank you so much for that list! Me and my companion are totally going to try to apply that. I asked President Searle what some of the service projects that missionaries here do and he said it's mainly a lot of moving sand or helping to paint. I really want to find some new things to do though to really stand out. Who are the sister missionaries in our ward? Please tell them that Elder Parker really appreciates their help and service.

I hope things are going great at home. It still feels so weird to think about everything that has happened the past 3 months. It really feels like a dream, but a pretty good one. Please tell everybody that I love them and hope that they are doing well.

Elder Parker

Oh, and please tell Emma I said congrats on the book.

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