Monday, November 30, 2015

Episode 15: This work is so Awesome!

Hey everybody,

Everything sounds like it is going great back at home. I can't wait to be able to talk to all of you in a few weeks.

Thanksgiving was really nothing special at all here. I honestly didn't realize it was Thanksgiving until my District Leader called me at night and said "Happy Thanksgiving". Kinda depressing, but I just try to focus in what is going on here so it's also a good thing.

I'm getting really excited for Christmas. Here everyone celebrates on the 24th, kinda like New Years, so that will be kinda weird for me. But things just seem so different this Christmas and I am super stoked. I am so ready to start sharing the Christmas messages with people and to just serve people. It's gonna be stellar!!

Ah, congrats to Kekoa. He's gonna do so great. It's so weird to think that people my age are starting to leave because before it felt like everyone was going to leave so much later than me, but I guess that just shows how much time has already passed. It's so great to hear about all these people leaving because really this work is so awesome and I just love it.

When did all of these people get engaged? Have I really been gone this long? Please tell Makenna I said congrats.

Everything is going okay with the investigators here. We talked with President Searle and the bishop about German and the conclusion is that he can be baptized after he attends church 3 more times, but we stopped having a bus to take our investigators to church and we weren't able to tell him early enough so he couldn't attend church. But we are still trying to find time to teach him and his mom, but this week has been hard to find time with them. We do have an investigator named Berta who is getting ready to be baptized on the 12th and she is super great. And we have a few more in the next couple weeks so we are really hoping everything will work out. The other missionaries have a baptism this Saturday that is going to be really good and we are trying to invite all of our investigators to be there, so possibly we can get them a little bit more excited.

I love you guys and can't wait to see you in a few weeks.


Elder Parker

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