Monday, January 4, 2016

Episode 19: Same bat place; Same bat companion!

Hey Everybody,

Things are super great here. I am still in the same place, with the same companion. It is super weird to still be with my trainer since my training is done but now we have a lot more time to work and teach so it's super great. We are hard at work to make sure that we can have a lot of success now that we have the ability to teach more people.

Mom, congrats on the calling!!!! That's so awesome that you are in the Primary. Did you just switch so that you could spend more time with Adelaide? Haha it's so strange thinking back on my time in primary because it seems so long ago, but it was only like 8 years. I feel old. 

New years was a party. We just did the same exact thing that we do every day, and the only difference was that we got to listen to music all day and night. And we really couldn't contact anybody because everyone was drunk, but that was fine because we just had lessons with members and investigators, and a lot of them gave us food which was awesome. But it really doesn't feel like 2016. These past four months have just been so weird that I've really started to lose track of time.

In the next couple of weeks we should be having another baptism. There is a woman we have been teaching named Sandri and she just needs to be interviewed and then we are ready to go. But I honestly have been way more focused in just helping people to be happy, so I'm not too bummed that we haven't had too many baptisms. 

I hope everyone is doing well. How's everything going with Zach and the Air Force? Has Lydia bit anyone else yet? How old are James and Adelaide? I feel really bad but I don't remember anything. Please tell all the kiddos that I love 'em and can't wait to see how much they are growing in a little while.

See you soon,

Elder Parker
Christmas came to Colombia
German got baptized
Family Home Evening

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