Monday, January 18, 2016

Episode 21: It feels like home!

Hey everybody,

Things are going so great here. I miss you guys but I am loving it here. I don't know how but I am finally starting to feel at home in Colombia. The work is going great and we are having a somewhat successful transfer. We are still seriously struggling with the attendance of our investigators, but this week was super great for less actives. We had nine that were able to attend, including a family that has been less active for a while and hasn't attended since before I arrived here. It was so great to be able to see them at church and my testimony of my purpose here as a missionary really grew.

Dad, I did not break any rules in writing to you on Tuesday. We called the Zone Leaders and they talked to the Assistants who gave us permission to write on Tuesday. And today we received a letter from the Mission President making it a standard policy that if we can't write on Monday we can make up the time on Tuesday.

That's so awesome that Jonathon got his mission call. Wow, I can't believe all of my friends are starting to serve missions. I kinda feel like one of the sons of Mosiah when they are all leaving for their missions, and I am only hoping that I can be the kind of missionary that Ammon is. I have been studying in Alma and I love his attitude about missionary work and the joy that he has from helping the Lamanites. I just have to make it my goal to be as good as him and keep working at it.

Everything is going pretty well in our ward (Mom, it's called Garupal). We are getting ready for a baptism in 2 weeks. It is for a sister named Berta, and she is super excited about getting baptized and has so many friends in the ward that I feel really good about her baptism. She has her interview next Saturday and then the baptism the following Saturday.

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope Emma gets better soon so I can beat her at soccer when I get home and am super good. Just kidding, I probably won't be super good. But still being sick stinks.

Thanks for all your support. See you soon,

Elder Parker

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