Monday, March 7, 2016

Episode 28: Welcome to the world Felicity!

Hey everybody,

It sounds like there are a lot of crazy things going on at home. I can't believe that Felicity finally came. It seems like I haven't been out long enough for it to already be time but congrats to Adam and Aubree. I can't wait to meet her at Mother's day.

I can't believe that dad got hurt. I still can't believe all of the injuries that have happened since I got here. This is all just so crazy. But I hope that he will feel better and be able to heal soon.

This week has been really good. We have been working a lot with less active members and have been having a lot of success, but we haven't been able to work as much with the investigators. We are going to try to balance our time a little bit better this week to be able to help more investigators attend church. Rafael is still getting ready for his baptism this Saturday and we are working with Edwin to be ready in a few weeks too.

I got the picture books!!! We got home one night and the man who lives in the apartment beneath ours gave me the package. The books are super helpful, thank you so much. I have been using one to teach in the lessons and we are trying to think of a few families that we can give them to.

Mom, I haven't heard about the Easter video but I will try to look for it soon.

Dad, I'm not quite sure how you sent the reference because I haven't seen anything in my email. If you could remind me of the information that you sent that would be super helpful. Thank you.

I hope everything is good at home. I can't believe it's already getting close to mothers day. Time is really going by so fast. I'll see you guys in no time.

Elder Parker

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