Monday, February 29, 2016

Episode 27: Great things are happening!

Hey everybody,

Things have been going great here. We have been working hard here and great things are happening. Rafael is ready to be baptized but it will be in two weeks because he is only here once every two weeks for his job. Edwin is also progressing very well and we hope to be able to have his interview in two weeks! German is doing well too. He attended church and mutual this past week and is excited about church. I'm not sure what happened last week but he has completely changed.

It's great to hear about the family. I hope grandma is doing well and Emma too. That's crazy that the Provo temple is already complete. It was announced at the same time as the Barranquilla temple was, so that's not fair. But everybody here is getting really excited about the temple and the opportunity to go a lot more often. And the ward has a trip to Bogota in April so everybody is preparing for the temple.

So, remember when I said I had a cold last week. So it never went away and I talked to the wife of the mission president who was a pharmacist and she said that I have a nasal infection. So that's super fun. I am taking medicine for it but every day I have seriously no energy, but I just keep pushing on and trying to keep going.

I hope everyone is doing well. If you guys have questions for me or anything you want to know about please feel free to ask. Really I'm just having a blast here and trying my hardest to help people.

See you guys soon,

Elder Parker

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