Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode 31: Working Crazy Hard!

Hey everybody,

Things are going really great here. We have been working crazy hard with our investigators and have had a lot of success. We had 5 that attended church and the ward helped us out a lot with fellow-shipping them so they really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we still do not have any baptisms for these next few weeks but we are starting to have more investigators in church so we are excited for that.

We really haven't done anything special here for Easter. Here for Easter everyone makes sweets from different fruits and those are super good but no one celebrates with the Easter Bunny or anything like that. But it was still cool to see everybody a little bit more focused in Christ, although a lot of people used "Holy Week" as a chance to drink and party, which was sad to see.

We have been getting a lot of references from the members about who to teach. They have been super helpful because those investigators already have support from their friends and neighbors. One family, the Moreno family (family of Rafael) have been super helpful and it's great because they are all recent converts as of a year or so. So they have been able to help us with new people to teach.

For my health, right now I feel really good. My companion has a few problems but I feel great and am working hard to stay that way. 

I still have no idea what is going to happen with transfers. I feel like I'm going to leave but it's also possible that I might stay. Whatever happens is going to be super great though.

I hope everything is going well at home. Forest and Felicity look great and I can't wait to see everybody in a few months.

Elder Parker

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